4Apr, 2022

The Spanish food chain on high alert

Economy, Politics, Spain|

The truckers' strike is pushing the entire agro-food sector to the limit. After the recent masse farmers' demonstration due to their loss of competitiveness, self-employed truckers are now contributing to provoke an unprecedented collapse. The situation is further worsened by the Ukraine’s invasion as Spain needs an alternative source of cereals and sunflower oil. If just a few days ago we reported the negative repercussions of the Ukrainian invasion on their shipments of cereals and sunflower oil to Spain Ukraine is a key supplier of some commodities to Spain | Nieuwsbericht | Agroberichten Buitenland, despite having reached an agreement on financial support, the Platform of self-employed haulers said that they will continue the strike started [...]

1Apr, 2022

Spain’s trucker strike loses momentum as most transport restored

Economy, Spain|

Spain’s trucker strike loses momentum as most transport restored After 15 days of uninterrupted transport stoppages in Spain that have caused shortages and spurred on other protests, the country's main transport association has reported that activity on Monday returned “practically to normal”.  Despite this practical return to normality, some truck drivers in Spain will continue striking. (Photo by ANDER GILLENEA / AFP) The haulier strike that ground much of Spain’s logistical and transport machine to a halt last week appears to be losing steam.  After the agreement signed by the Spanish Government with the majority of transport associations last Friday, [...]

1Apr, 2022

Brussels warns Spain over food safety risk of banned pesticide

Food safety, Spain|

Brussels warns Spain over food safety risk of banned pesticide Spain rushed to relax import rules to make up for Ukraine-related feed shortages.     The European Commission wants Spain to "urgently" explain why it has decided to import crops sprayed with an EU-banned pesticide deemed potentially harmful for children, according to a letter seen by POLITICO. In an effort to relieve pressure on the EU's agri-food sector, the Commission this month decided member countries could set their own, temporary rules for the amount of pesticide residues found in imported crops, known as Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs). The measure was approved as [...]


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