6Apr, 2023

Bayer: “Spanish tomatoes on the rise again”

Spain, Tomato|

Over the past five to ten years, the market for tomatoes grown in Spain has declined, while bell peppers and cucumbers have been rising. However, the recent energy crisis in northern Europe has reversed that downward trend. "That's because you don't have to heat Spanish greenhouses, and there's more market demand for tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers," says Guillaume Lacarriere, who heads Bayer's vegetable seed business in the EMEA region. We spoke to him at their permanent booth at the World Horticulture Center in the Netherlands. Bayer had expected Spanish-cultivated tomatoes' popularity to rise; the energy crisis just accelerated that [...]

6Apr, 2023

Spain’s service sector goes from strength to strength

Economy, Services, Spain|

Activity in both the services and manufacturing sectors improved further in March and came in above expectations once again. Nevertheless, we expect the Spanish economy to lose momentum in the second half of the year as interest rate hikes will increasingly weigh on economic activity Spanish services sector strengthened again in March Spain's services PMI experienced another sharp increase in March, surpassing market expectations once again. The PMI rose from 56.7 in February to 59.4 in March, reaching its highest level since November 2021. Demand for services rose significantly, including both domestic and foreign demand. The downside is that core [...]

25Apr, 2022

Legalization of irrigated lands rekindles the water war in Doñana

Agriculture, Environment, Soft fruit|

Doñana national park is one of Europe’s largest protected wetlands. The berries grown around the park make a definite contribution to the economy of the Spain’s Southern region. The regional government intends to legalize 1,416 hectares of farms with no access to water for irrigation which has raised the hackles of environmental organizations. An overexploited aquifer Doñana and part of the most profitable crops in the Andalusian province of Huelva, berries, are located above the overexploited aquifer 27. The struggle for a natural resource has so far been won by agriculture. Hundreds of lagoons in Doñana no longer exist, but the hectares of berries are growing. The battle for water has never ceased [...]


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