It is well-know that price fluctuations happen in the fresh produce sector, but the melon market in particular exemplifies this. “The Spanish season started with some difficulty in Almería as a consequence of the extended overseas season and the disappointing weather at the time. During the first few weeks, the market was very competitive. By now, the first signs of scarcity have started appearing,” says commercial manager Leon van den Hombergh from Frankort & Koning.

The overseas season has ended by now, and the transition from Almería to the new harvest from Murcia is currently being made. By now, prices for Cantaloupe and Galia melons are at a level around 8 and 7 euro respectively. Watermelons are sold for 80-90 cent, and Piel de Sapo and yellow melons are sold at 1 euro per kilogram. “Fine prices,” Leon says. “And prospects are good. Not too many melons are available during this transition period from Almería to Murcia.”

“Many supermarkets have actions planned, but their demand can’t easily be met. European supply is only just sufficient, because of good domestic consumption in the producing countries as well. The weather has been a factor for three days now, and by now, the melon market is completely empty, resulting in considerable price rises. Melons – and watermelons in particular – are extremely susceptible to weather changes. Sales don’t just multiply by three, but by ten. On the one hand, that makes it incredibly difficult to make a plan, but on the other, it’s also what makes it fun,” Leon concludes.

Source: Fresh Plaza