Marketing strategy and support

If you want to introduce a new product in Spain or increase your sales, you might ask yourself: How do I do that? How do I reach my target group? Which sales channels do I use? Besides, you are dealing with a different (company) culture and a language that you may not speak. AGRIDESK knows its way around the Spanish agri-food sector and the Spanish media. You can confidently leave the execution of a promotional campaign to us, for example, the media planning, the delivery of advertisements, distributing a press release or organizing exhibition participation.

Market research

You want to introduce a new fertilizer on the Spanish market or set up a network of distributors for the agricultural component. There are many more examples. What always remains essential is to know what your customer does, thinks and wishes before taking action. AGRIDESK is happy to help you explore your (potential) market via:

  • Local market research
  • Monitoring of potential markets
  • Linking entrepreneurs and companies
  • Conducting SWOT analyzes

After your focus, objectives and target groups are clear; we ensure that your company gets off to a flying start with a solid marketing plan.

“In Spain, we have an expression that says ‘dar palos de ciego’ which means ‘doing something without knowing how to do it’. We prevent you from ‘making mistakes’ as the literal translation suggests.” (René Rombouts)

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