The United Kingdom is a major export market for the Netherlands. Value-wise, exports of fruit and vegetables, including re-export, amount to almost one billion euros. Dutch produce accounts for a share of around 80%.

After Spain, the Netherlands is the second main source of fruit and vegetables imported into the UK. Almost fifty per cent of all the vegetables in British shops in the period from July to September is sourced from the Netherlands. This week, the Netherlands is represented at the London Produce Show from 7-9 June. A vending machine in the wall dispensing snack vegetables gives visitors a taste of a typical Dutch experience.

Under the motto ‘Let’s share the future together with Dutch produce’, visitors to the London Produce Show this week can get acquainted with the range of Dutch produce. A number of growers’ associations have formed a united front to attract the attention of an international audience to Dutch produce.

During the event on Thursday 8 June, visitors can see Dutch produce displayed in a colourful market stall. The produce has been supplied by growers’ associations Best of Four, DOOR, Fruit Masters, Harvest House, Kompany, Nautilus Organic, Royal ZON, Van Nature and The Greenery and the Holland Onion Association and the Mushroom Committee (Comité Champignon).

A healthy snack from the vending machine
Visitors can also try a healthy snack from the vending machine. At the market stall, the Holland Fresh Group will give visitors a token they can use to ‘buy’ a healthy snack. Vending machines built into a wall are a familiar part of the street landscape in the Netherlands – they usually dispense fries and fast food, but this one offers a healthy option.

Source: Fresh Plaza