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Extension of the eligibility of delivery of all QS-certified sites

 Due to the current spread of the coronavirus, the eligibility of delivery of all QS-certified sites (incl. QS-GAP) will be extended by two months (changeover in the QS database on March 26th, 2020). This procedure has been approved by the QS advisory boards. According to the extended QS eligibility of delivery, necessary QS audits can [...]

2020-03-28T16:50:28+01:00Agriculture, Food industry, QS|

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Dutch delegation dispenses vegetables from a vending machine wall at LPS17

  The United Kingdom is a major export market for the Netherlands. Value-wise, exports of fruit and vegetables, including re-export, amount to almost one billion euros. Dutch produce accounts for a share of around 80%. After Spain, the Netherlands is the second main source of fruit and vegetables imported into the UK. Almost fifty per [...]

2017-06-09T13:29:55+02:00Food industry|

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Spanish melons go from competitive market to scarcity

It is well-know that price fluctuations happen in the fresh produce sector, but the melon market in particular exemplifies this. “The Spanish season started with some difficulty in Almería as a consequence of the extended overseas season and the disappointing weather at the time. During the first few weeks, the market was very competitive. By [...]

2017-06-09T13:27:23+02:00Food industry|

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