Get in touch with Spanish companies

You want to start your business in Spain. How do you get in touch with interested companies? Of course, you can use a trade catalogue and approach companies randomly. But do these companies fit the profile you are looking for? Are you able to explain what you are offering and what you expect from them? And how do you organize a visiting schedule that allows you to visit all the short-listed companies in one week? AgriDesk is specialized in matching international companies in the agri-food sector.

Matchmaking based on business profile

Based on a realistic business profile, we will contact Spanish companies and investigate whether there is a potential match and whether they are interested in a cooperation agreement. In case of a match, we will make an appointment, and if you wish, we will accompany you to the meeting.

“We have a lot of experience preparing agendas of visits at individual companies and we also cater for large group visits. You will see for yourself that it is much more efficient than visiting companies randomly.” (René Rombouts)


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