Marketing advice in Spain

You are a successful entrepreneur and you want to extend your business to Spain. In the start-up you will face cultural differences, language barriers and other unexpected obstacles. AgriDesk has been active in the Spanish agri-food sector for more than 16 years. We support international entrepreneurs who are active in the Spanish agri-food sector and entrepreneurs who want to start an agribusiness in Spain.

Why work with AgriDesk?

  • We know the Spanish agri-food sector very well
  • More than 16 years of experience
  • Sound advice
  • Local market research
  • A better start-up for your company
  • Long term support

Marketing support in Spain

Running a successful business starts with sufficient knowledge of the market and knowledge about your customers.

We offer several services that enable you to get to know the Spanish market:

  • Market research
  • Monitoring markets
  • Matchmaking between companies
  • SWOT-analyses
“In Spain, we have an expression that says ‘dar palos de ciego’ which means ‘doing something without knowing how to do it’. We prevent you from ‘making mistakes’ as the literal translation suggests.” (René Rombouts)


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