Communicate in business language

Perhaps you speak Spanish yourself, but to communicate well with companies and consumers in Spain, a thorough knowledge of the language is very important. Folder material, e-mails and website must be written in error-free Spanish. And when you consult with customers or business partners, it’s important that you understand each other well. Always ensure that your message is not only delivered properly, but also that you respond well to questions and comments.

Set up campaigns in Spanish

How are you going to transfer your message? A campaign can be a good tool. For example, send a nice gadget or launch an online campaign. Are you unsure whether you are addressing your campaign properly? In helping marketing campaigns we helped many companies.

Do you want support in the organization of an event or exhibition? We are always prepared to give you a hand.

Together, we make sure your message reaches its goal.

“It is important that your message reaches your customer. As we say in Spain, you can speak louder, but that does not mean that it is clear.” (René Rombouts)


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