AgriDesk España offers companies from the international agrifood business an interesting package of communications, information, mediation and quality services. These services are explained below.


Are you planning to start up a business in the German agri-food sector? Then you will be obliged to participate in the mandatory QS quality scheme. We can take care of your QS certification.

Market research

Carrying out market research helps you work out a marketing strategy. You gain insight into the potential of the market, developments in the sector and you get to know your competitors.

Marketing advice and support

Due to our knowledge of the Spanish market, we can advise you about your marketing strategy. Furthermore, we can also organize your advertising campaign, arrange your promotional campaigns or allocate staff at your trade fair stand.


Based on a comprehensive profile description, we link companies together. We look at mutual wishes and business cultures and create a list of interesting matches. Meetings will be planned and, if you wish, AgriDesk can accompany you to those key meetings.

Monitoring agri-food markets

You are always busy running your company. Usually it is hard to find time to keep up to date with current developments and news. However, this information may be very important to you. We constantly monitor what is happening in the Dutch and Spanish agri-food business and keep you informed about relevant news and information.


Sending out your marketing message correctly in another language is a huge challenge. At AgriDesk, we make sure your message is well translated and achieves its goal.